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Help your patients access new treatments as soon as they're available.

Introducing TheSocialMedwork: we are a global medicines intermediary that can help you provide better or new patient treatment options. A source trusted by physicians from Harvard Medical School to Mayo Clinic.

Our unique service is that we provide access to newly-approved medicines from anywhere in the world. This means, if a novel medicine is approved in USA first, we help people access it quickly - which often means 2-3 years before it's approved by your national medical authority. In short we provide a safe, legal, and fast way to deliver new hope to your patients.

Benefits of using TheSocialMedwork

  • Fast, global access to the newest approved medicines from anywhere in the world
  • We offer the lowest possible prices
  • Registered intermediary with the Dutch Ministry of Health, number 6730 BEM
  • No fixed minimum-order amount
  • Fast international delivery process
  • Only genuine medicines
  • All suppliers are GDP compliant

How does this work?

  • We make use of 'named patient' regulations
  • For patients' direct orders, we require an approved doctor's prescription
  • For physicians, we can help you buy large or small batches, if you need to order for a clinic or department for example
  • We provide continually-updated guideline dosage information, clinical trials, and contraindications for our listed medicines
  • Transparent with pricing: our prices are continually updated and published online, if you see cheaper please let us know and we'll do our best to match.
  • Read more on our Ordering Process page

Can we help you?

Our innovative approach and service-first focus is why your colleagues from renowned clinics like Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic continue to refer patients to us for medicines.

We specialise in mainly providing oncological, neurodegenerative and rare disease medicines, but if you have a special request you can contact us and we will try to help.

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Review the medicines we currently have available by therapy area:

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Registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health as an independent intermediary, Registration number 6730 BEM
Registered as a USA Delaware LLC.

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