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We help patients and doctors access the latest treatments available in the world. As this is your first visit to our platform, we will show you a short video about us. Feel free to contact us with any question you may have.

100% legal and fully regulated | Registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health as an independent intermediary | Registration number 6730 BEM

How it works

1. Search

1. Search

Search for a medicine in our shop and discuss with your doctor. All orders require a doctor’s prescription.

2. Order

2. Order

We’ll support you through the entire administrative process and approval requirements to obtain the medicine.

3. Shipping

3. Shipping

We’ll get the medicine to you in a timely manner so that your treatment can commence as soon as possible.

Support requests from over 100 countries; deliveries to 6 continents. Here's what our friends from around the world are saying:

"I hope you know how needed you are and what it means to get a prompt, succinct and helpful reply. You are our hero. You have given us realistic hope in obtaining needed drugs in a timely way."

— Regina, US

"TheSocialMedwork were so helpful in getting the right medication to me, expediting its delivery, and keeping in touch. They simply can’t do enough to help you. I would not hesitate to recommend TheSocialMedwork to anybody. Lovely people."

— Stephen, UK

"Totally awesome! Keep up the great work you’re doing!"

— Dee Penfold

“TheSocialMedwork’s professional capabilities, kindness and patience deserve our gratitude and respect.”

— Haoyu, China

“My daughter died at the age of 21 because she couldn’t get the treatment that might have saved her life. Now TheSocialMedwork might be able to help people like Abigail to get the best treatment.”

— Frank, Virginia, US

“Amazing...great work in helping save lives. Keep it up!”

— Kat Rose

"When the doctor tells you that there are no treatments left to try, search further — there may be new treatments in other countries."

— Charlotte van Brenk, The Netherlands

"The team is highly professional, friendly and will take care of everything. More options for doctor and patients. This service is transparent, unique and necessary. Keep it up!"

— Pa Tric, Germany

More about TheSocialmedwork

TheSocialMedwork is a social enterprise aiming to help seriously ill patients access the latest medicines that are not yet available in their own country, but have been approved and are available somewhere else in the world.

TheSocialMedwork is a registered, independent digital health intermediary. We use existing legal processes and speed up the system, sourcing each medicine for every individual patient and arranging for it to be legally imported and delivered to them in their home country.

TheSocialMedwork was started after our three founders lost family members and friends to Cancer and ALS, and felt that they could have been treated more successfully, had they been able to access newly developed medicines in time. These medicines had already been approved in another country, and were already being used to treat patients overseas.

At TheSocialMedwork we believe that the latest approved medicines should be available to each and every patient and physician as quickly as possible – regardless of where they happen to live.

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