As a Social Impact start-up, TheSocialMedwork strives to be completely transparent about our goals, how we will achieve them, the impact we make, and our overall business operations. Please feel free to review the information on this page and if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or through this contact form.


  1. We are registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health in The Hague as an independent intermediary, registration number 6730 BEM.
  2. We comply with the practice and guidelines set by the good distribution practice. View certificate.
  3. Our wholesale distributor license is registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health. View certificate.
  4. We are a member of Code Social Enterprises.
  5. We are a registered as a social enterprise with Social Enterprise NL.

Some of our Shareholders

The Virus

Social Impact Ventures

Members of Change Club (Angel investor)

Members of Pymwymic (Angel investor)

Esther Dyson

Jamie Heywood

TheSocialMedwork is a for profit social venture with the mission to create impact globally. To this end we believe alliances are needed with impact funds that also focus on return on investment, such as the Dutch VC fund, Social Impact Ventures, the Change Club or Pymwymic. For that reason, TheSocialMedwork has not included any restrictions with regard to possible future distributions to such investors in its articles of association. Impact acknowledgement and assurance is provided for these types of funding on the basis of performance indicators on both finance and social impact. Milestones and reportings are also based on both financial and social impact performances.

In this way TheSocialMedwork, which currently supports and helps patients and doctors in over 80 countries, will be able to maximise its impact on medical care for everyone worldwide. However, for the foreseeable future all profits will be invested in the company to increase our impact. In the long run, it is possible we could pay out to shareholders.

Investment policy

All profits will be invested in the company.

Salary policy

The goal of TheSocialMedwork is to achieve all our results together. Therefore we want to keep the difference in salary as small as possible. Ultimately there remains a difference due to the size of our organization and the diversity in our functions and responsibilities. TheSocialMedwork’s current salary ratio is 1 : 3.6. Furthermore, we have employee stock benefits in place, and the shares are being held by the Butterfly Circus, BV.


TSM Annual Statement

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Business Register extract TSM

Articles of Association dated 16 July 2018