About us

TheSocialMedwork is a social enterprise aiming to help seriously ill patients access the latest medicines that are not yet available in their own country, but have been approved and are available somewhere else in the world.

A registered, independent digital health intermediary, we use existing legal processes - sourcing each medicine for individual patients and arranging for it to be legally imported and delivered to them in their home country.

TheSocialMedwork was founded by Sjaak Vink, Co-Founder of myTomorrows and experienced healthcare innovator, with Co-Founders James Heywood, influential speaker, scientist, big-data expert and Co-Founder of Patients Like Me, Bernard Muller, Founder of Project MinE and Treeway and himself an ALS/MND patient, and Katrin Schepp, Attorney-at-Law.

"I was representing a group of European patients who were lobbying for faster approval of a breakthrough cancer medicine which had already been approved by the US. By the time it was approved in Europe they had all passed away. It was then that I knew these fragmented, arbitrary, unnecessary drug delays were something that needed action right now, not tomorrow."

Sjaak Vink, CEO and Founder.


At the heart of our approach is true patient-centricity. This is more than putting patients first – we believe in empowering people to have every available option ready when they consult a healthcare professional.

We are a registered intermediary with the Dutch Ministry of Health in the Hague, registration: 6730 BEM.

We strive for a world where everybody, no matter who they are or where they live, has equal and fair access to the latest and best healthcare. This is because we firmly believe that health enables personal freedom and opportunity.

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Just one thing before you continue

Our service contains information about acquiring treatments that have been approved in another country. This includes professional information such as approval details, product information and pricing. By scrolling, you are declaring that you are requesting any such information.

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