Healthcare professionals

Help your patients gain new and better treatment options

The delay between approval by the FDA and global availability can be as much as 5 years.* Not now – we are a new medical service that specifically works to provide the latest medicines to everyone, everywhere. Unlike pharmaceutical companies or wholesalers we are legally allowed to supply medicines to both individuals and institutions.

Our current portfolio of products represents the latest approved treatment options for cancer, ALS, MS, and Parkinson's, to name a few.

Why healthcare professionals recommend us to their patients

  • Fast, global access to the newest approved medicines from anywhere in the world

  • We provide transparency on price and offer the lowest possible prices

  • Registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health, number 6730 BEM

  • No minimum-order amount

  • Fast international delivery process, standard 1–2 weeks

  • Only genuine medicines

  • All suppliers are GDP compliant

How does our service work?

  1. We source and take care of all delivery requirements

  2. For patient orders, we require a doctor's prescription

  3. For clinics, we also ship larger batches

  4. The importing for individuals always complies with national and international regulations

  5. Medicines are shipped in strict quality-control conditions, like full cold-chain

  6. Our team of qualified pharmacists are on hand every step of the way.

How can we help you?

Our innovative approach and service-first focus is why your colleagues from renowned clinics like Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic refer patients to us for just-approved medicines.

Contact us to request more information or to discuss medicine supply partnerships for your clinic or hospital.

Based on research published by QuintilesIMS Consulting


Your solution to urgent and specialist medicine requests

Many patients require advanced treatment – sometimes with medicines that have just been approved, but are not yet available in your country. That's how we help. Our unique service helps both individuals and medical institutions source and acquire the newest and most novel medical therapies.

Why use TheSocialMedwork?

  • Newly-approved medicines delivered quickly, safely and in any quantity

  • Specialists in oncological, infectious, neurodegenerative and rare diseases

  • New FDA-approved medicines available three weeks after approval

  • We deliver both to pharmacies or directly to patients

  • Registered medicines intermediary with Ministry of Health in Netherlands

Join our Pharmacy Rapid Response Programme

Register with our Pharmacy Rapid Response Programme so that when a doctor needs to order a medicine, your details are already saved and the ordering process can happen even more quickly. Registration is simple and with absolutely no obligation to purchase medicines. In return, we will ship you a welcome information pack which you can decide to share with colleagues or your physicians.

Interested in signing up?

Just send an email to: [email protected] and we'll take it from there!