1. Going mobile - making healthcare more patient focused

    Mobile has revolutionised everyday life and now big pharma is using smartphones and other mobile devices to improve research and development.

    Mobile phone with TheSocialMedwork service being used 

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  2. TheSocialMedwork makes an impact in Silicon Valley

    Our review of the SOCAP social impact event in San Francisco.

    silicon valley social medwork

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  3. Trailblazing Amsterdam’s Canals

    Amsterdam leads European cities as top tech destination and why it’s only natural that it is home to TheSocialMedwork.

    Amsterdam innovation health

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  4. You can’t stop the wave, but you can learn to surf

    What makes a startup succeed?

    startup health thesocialmedwork

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  5. A look back, a step forward

    Last Thursday morning introduced us to spring, and what an entrance it made. The sun was shining, commuters passed each other with smiles, and the faint hum of summer could be heard for miles. 

    The Social Medwork team

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