1. Breast Cancer: New indicators found to help in prognosis for the most aggressive form

    Researchers report a successful classification of triple breast cancer patients, which for the first time, would allow doctors to discern between those who can be cured and those who might suffer a relapse. 

    Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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  2. CAR T cell approval may offer patients a new form of therapy

    Industry NewsAccording to study investigators, about a third of patients could benefit from this therapy that may offer remissions, relieve symptoms and save lives.

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  3. Stem cells as a new drug delivery tool for childhood brain cancer?

    "This is a great avenue of exploration, particularly for the 30 percent of children who struggle or don't make it with standard therapy."

    Stem Cell drug delivery in Brain Cancer

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  4. Deep brain stimulation leads to increased understanding of Parkinson's disease

    These findings increase our understanding of how the brain is affected by Parkinson's disease...

    Parkinsons' Deep Brain Stimulation

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  5. Study finds that new Multiple Sclerosis drug slows down brain shrinkage

    "These findings provide a glimmer of hope for people with a form of multiple sclerosis that causes long-term disability but does not have many treatment options,"

    MS Progressive study

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  6. New study uses focussed ultrasound to deliver anti-cancer drugs across the blood brain barrier

    "By laying the groundwork for more rational design and deeper understanding of focused-ultrasound-based treatment, our work could help improve treatment of any brain tumor -- primary or metastatic -- and could also revolutionize approaches to immunotherapy of tumors by improving localized delivery of tumor-killing immune cells."

    Blood Brain research

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  7. Majority of former and current cancer patients are happy with their life

    "These findings of incredible mental flourishing even in the context of cancer is a wonderful testament to the resiliency of patients and an encouraging message for patients, their families and their health care providers" stated Fuller-Thomson.

    Cancer patients happy

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  8. Keeping cancer out of breath blocks drug resistance

    "The best part is that our combined drug candidate was so much more effective than one of the most powerful cancer drugs on the market," said Jonathan Sessler

    cancer out of breath

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  9. Acute leukemia: Drug trials show 50% cure rate

    "We were thrilled to see such a dramatic change even after only a single dose of the new drug. Nearly all of the lab mice's leukemia signs disappeared overnight," said Professor Ben-Neriah.

    Drug Trials 50% Cure rate

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  10. Deleting two molecules boosts immune response

    "Our findings could provide an opportunity to improve future engineering of CAR T cells against tumors...."

    Cancer, 2 molecules

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  11. Genetic model could be the ideal new tool for testing Parkinson's disease therapies.

    "We believe we've found an approach that is most relevant to humans, in that our models of gene dysfunction mimic the etiology of Parkinson's disease rather than its pathology....

    News on Parkinsons

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  12. New research findings about Huntington's disease

    This opens up new treatment strategies for diseases that involve impairment of the body's ability to break down...

    News from research

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