How our community celebrated remission!

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In the darker days of treatment, when waking up and getting up is a major victory unto itself, sometimes planning for the brighter days is the only way through. Chemo, radiotherapy, and various medications can create a hurricane of hurt often invisible to the outside world. And this isn’t always the kind of pain that hurts the body - the emotional turmoil of illness often cuts right to the heart.

Optimism can often feel so distant that it would be a laughable goal if it wasn’t so damn sad. Nobody needs to force themselves to be happy, cheery, or positive and there are no shortcuts when you a far from it. However, a less abstract, more concrete focus can help to, if nothing else, spirit you away from some of the emotional pain; a focus like the celebration when the end of treatment has finally dawned.

We asked our community of patients how they did or planned to celebrate remission and their answers were hilarious, heartbreaking and, ultimately, deeply inspiring. From marriages to new businesses to plenty of bubbles, we loved reading each and every one of them.

Here are all the answers from our awesome community. We hope they inspire your own celebration plans and, more than anything, we hope you recognise on the darker days that the authors of these comments of joy were once where you were. So sit back, relax, and read through the comments left when we asked our community one simple question; How will/did you celebrate remission?

• "It was a simple phone call in the middle of a normal day but I found a bell and rang it loud! Later I started @thetrophytshirt to celebrate life's moments." 

• @phxoils "Walking a cancer walk with my cousin." 

• @courageandacure "I started a non profit foundation to raise money for cancer patients." 

• @breast_cancer_fighter_mother "I will be treating myself and a friend (one of the few that didn't isolate me when I was diagnosed) to a health /spa retreat for a few days. I can't wait, it won't be until April/May but I have to have something to look forward to." 

• @justegankunicki "I celebrated by not letting cancer stop me. 4 years later I got my Ph.D. and married the love of my life :)" 

• @sr_taphouse "Awesome :)" 

• @heatherzawada"I didn't celebrate, it was just so good to feel "normal" again, that was enough celebration all on its own ? xx."

• @mattschrein "I'll visit with all my loved ones I haven't been able to see during my expatriation to the USA for treatment! Miss them!" 

• @laurielilyboo "My doctor rang me to give me the good news in the morning of my wedding day. So the whole wedding became our celebration!" 

• @aolsen327 "Had a girls weekend with dancing and lots of laughter with the most amazing set of women!" 

• @1stinkerbelle "I celebrated with my family- pizza and champagne." 

• @shellruth "Didn't have a lot of energy to celebrate the way I'd imagine pre-cancer. Instead we took a quiet getaway. And the best part, allowing myself the 'gift of time'. Time to garden, time to rest peacefully, time to just BE!"

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