1. Sjaak Vink

    Sjaak Vink

    Chief Executive Officer

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  2. Katrin Schepp, LL.M.

    Katrin Schepp, LL.M.

    Chief Operating Officer

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  3. Njord Pattiasina M.Sc. MA

    Njord Pattiasina M.Sc. MA

    Global Access Director

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  4. Ellen van den Berg

    Ellen van den Berg

    Director of Product

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  5. Brant Emery

    Brant Emery

    Senior Communications Manager

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  6. Dr. Jan de Witt MD

    Dr. Jan de Witt MD

    Independent Medical Advisor

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  7. Laura Manca M.Sc.

    Laura Manca M.Sc.

    Product Portfolio Manager

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  8. Marta Enes M.Pharm.

    Marta Enes M.Pharm.

    Support Manager

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  9. Ying Feng M.Pharm.

    Ying Feng M.Pharm.

    Support Manager

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  10. Karolina Ostapenko M.Pharm.

    Karolina Ostapenko M.Pharm.

    Global Access Manager

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