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  1. Preapproval vs unapproved or elsewhere approved medicines

    ‘Unapproved medicines’, ‘compassionate use’, ‘early access drugs’..

    preapproval vs unapproved

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  2. What’s the difference between a brand name and a generic medicine?

    brand name generic medicine
    When a new medicine gets approved for use and for sale in a specific region, it’s usually given a brand name by the pharmaceutical company who discovered or developed it.

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  3. 10 Things You Need to Know About Lung Cancer

    In 2015, an estimated 221,200 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with lung cancer, which is 13 percent of all cancer diagnoses.

    lung cancer knowledge

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  4. Seeing orange: a quick recap of 2017

    A groundbreaking year helping patients access the latest approved medicines.

    TheSocialMedwork Team

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  5. Spinraza, the new medicine for spinal muscular atrophy

    Is there substance to the claims that it's a groundbreaking treatment?


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  6. Staff spotlight: Lieschen

    Why can it take us three to four weeks to deliver a medicine, and what can customers do to speed things up?


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  7. A new medicine for Alzheimer's disease?

    Introducing a breakthrough known as 'CT1812'

    alzheimer disease

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  8. What is alectinib (Alecensa) and why is the latest news a positive step for lung cancer patients?

    How effective is alectinib (Alecensa)? The latest news and updates

    alecensa lung cancer

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  9. For those who are searching: hop online

     We live in an age where you can hop online to order a new brand of lipstick if it hasn’t been released yet in your country. 

    Woman using a laptop

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  10. Fast Forward: to helping even more people

    An insight into the team, and how we constantly review our progress at TheSocialMedwork

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