How to order an overseas approved medicine from TheSocialMedwork.

Ordering with TheSocialMedwork is a safe and legal way to import a prescription medicine that has been approved in another country, but is not yet available where you live.

1. Enquire

If you see a medicine on our website that may be suitable for treating your condition, get in touch. We’ll answer any questions you might have and provide you with further information. You can use the price calculator on each product page to get a close estimate of the full cost of the medicine including delivery, but if you would like us to provide you with a precise quote we’ll need to know the exact address of where you would like us to send your medicine to.

2. Chat with your doctor

About whether this treatment might be suitable for you. In order to place an order with us you’ll need to provide us with a prescription from your doctor who must be based in the same country where the medicine will be shipped to.

3. Place your order

Once you have your doctor’s prescription you’re ready to place an order with us. Payment can be made by credit card, electronic bank transfer or paypal.

4. Delivery

As soon as we receive your payment we’ll process your order and your medicine will be shipped to you via a pharmacy. Delivery time can vary from country to country but usually takes 1–3 weeks. We’ll send you a tracking number and keep you up to date on the status of your order.

5. Peace of mind

Rest assured that we’ll guide you through the entire process. We’ll let you know exactly what regulations need to be followed and the specific documentation you’ll need to import the medicine into your country so that you get your treatment as quickly as possible.

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