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  1. What are the latest breakthroughs in multiple sclerosis (MS)?

    The potential of neuroprotective agents for a whole new form of treatment.


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  2. New medicines coming soon!

    A list of medicines TheSocialMedwork will soon be making available.

    New medicines

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  3. Promising Developments in Treatment of Multiple Myeloma!

    Darzalex (daratumumab) combination under review as first-line option.

    Multiple Myeloma

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  4. Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) announce new treatments and price cuts for over 1000 medications

    The PBS, Australia’s national program responsible for providing subsidised prescriptions, has announced the addition of several new medicines

    globe Australia

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  5. Daratumumab approved as multiple myeloma treatment

    The FDA approval of a promising new drug is offering new hope to multiple myeloma patients who have already been through various treatments. 

    Daratumumab multiple myeloma treatment

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  6. Alectinib approved for the treatment of ALK-positive NSCLC

    A new treatment that targets a specific type of lung cancer has received FDA approval. 

    Alectinib treatment ALK-positive NSCLC

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