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  1. What is TheSocialMedwork? An insider view

    Our team shares their take on what we do at TheSocialMedwork.

    what is tsm

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  2. Chinese ‘Buyers Club’ shines a light on access delays

    Picture With Lights

    Dying to Survive’ was an unlikely blockbuster, documenting the plight of a leukemia patient who puts himself at risk to import costly cancer drugs for himself and his fellow countrymen.

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  3. Our safe and respectful approach to helping patients

    Industry NewsA recent UK documentary highlights the need for a service that protects patients and works with their trusted healthcare providers.

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  4. Looking inside and looking ahead: TheSocialMedwork quarter in review

    TSM TeamOur quarterly review was an opportunity to take stock and support an organisation fuelled by a mission aligned to ours: to make the lives of other human beings better.

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  5. An interview with Ying Feng, Pharmacist and Support Team Member

    "My role is to guide a patient or their loved ones (sometimes that’s a partner, but it could also be a friend, relative or a doctor) through the process of what we do for them."

     Ying - Support Manager

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  6. Going mobile - making healthcare more patient focused

    Mobile has revolutionised everyday life and now big pharma is using smartphones and other mobile devices to improve research and development.

    Mobile phone with TheSocialMedwork service being used 

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  7. Seeing orange: a quick recap of 2017

    A groundbreaking year helping patients access the latest approved medicines.

    TheSocialMedwork Team

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  8. Staff spotlight: Lieschen

    Why can it take us three to four weeks to deliver a medicine, and what can customers do to speed things up?


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  9. Fast Forward: to helping even more people

    An insight into the team, and how we constantly review our progress at TheSocialMedwork

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  10. 30 minutes with Esther Dyson

    A chat with our very first angel investor about patients, doctors and injecting innovation into the healthcare sector

    Esther Dyson

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