Joanna Bankersingh

  1. Wouter van Straaten

    Wouter van Straaten

    Innovation and Business Development Manager

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  2. Matt's story: I'm doing fine

    I’m lucky. It's been 4 years since the first MND symptoms, only my voice has been impacted.

    matt 2x

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  3. Akshi Sudan

    Akshi Sudan

    Office Manager

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  4. Varun Arora, MSc

    Varun Arora, MSc

    Patient Support Manager

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  5. Natalie McCarthy

    Natalie McCarthy

    UI/UX Designer

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  6. Ekaterina Ivanova

    Ekaterina Ivanova

    Patient Support Manager

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  7. Daan Weijsenborn

    Daan Weijsenborn

    Head of Sourcing and Logistics

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  8. Andi Ling

    Andi Ling

    Product Portfolio Manager

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  9. Naomi Clery

    Naomi Clery

    Sourcing and Procurement Consultant

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  10. David's story: Nothing to lose

    Two and a half years after his diagnosis, David found a medicine with off-label application for MND.

    david 2x

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