1. Lower prices negotiated for 9 medicines

    Service Announcement for price changes to 12 medicines. For 9 medicines we have negotiated lower prices for patients, 3 medicines have increases. 

    TheSocialMedwork service online 

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  2. Going mobile - making healthcare more patient focussed

    Mobile has revolutionised everyday life and now big pharma is using smartphones and other mobile devices to improve research and development.

    Mobile phone with TheSocialMedwork service being used 

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  3. Superlative senior English-language copywriter sought

    Want to join a dynamic startup and make your work count? Join a dynamic, multicultural and mission-driven social impact startup with real potential.

    Lady sitting at computer

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  4. We're seeking a talented Director of Technology

    Vacancy to lead our technology team in growing and meeting the demands of a global, pioneering medical service. 

    Our future director examining our job 

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  5. We're seeking a passionate social media manager

    Vacancy: 'Full Stack' Social Media Manager - TheSocialMedwork is a fast-growing, multicultural and mission-driven social impact startup with real potential.

    Smiling man reading tablet

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  6. Seeing orange: a quick recap of 2017

    A groundbreaking year helping patients access the latest approved medicines.

    TheSocialMedwork Team

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  7. Staff spotlight: Lieschen

    Why can it take us three to four weeks to deliver a medicine, and what can customers do to speed things up?


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  8. The Parcel of Success

    Why every little package is a big deal

    Parcel of Succes

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  9. TheSocialMedwork makes an impact in Silicon Valley

    Our review of the SOCAP social impact event in San Francisco.

    silicon valley social medwork

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  10. 30 minutes with Esther Dyson

    A chat with our very first angel investor about patients, doctors and injecting innovation into the healthcare sector

    Esther Dyson

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