1. Senior Business Developer / Medicines Trader

    Seeking a savvy business developer with multiple years hands-on trading experience.

    Chief Operations Officer 

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  2. Fact Sheet for Healthcare Professionals

    Downloadable fact sheet answering the most common question TheSocialMedwork asked by healthcare providers.

    doctor ok sign

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  3. Procurement/Sourcing Manager - Medicines

    Seeking an experienced and skilled Procurement and Supplier Manager to join our rapidly growing international team. 

    Medicines Buyer 

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  4. Digital Analytics Specialist

    Seeking an Digital Analytics Specialist that simply loves to find the answers in the data, always trying to dig deeper to find key insights.

    Digital Analytics Specialist 

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  5. Head of Sales

    We are looking for a Head of Sales. Join us and make your work count. We are a dynamic, fast growing, disruptive and mission-driven healthcare startup.

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  6. Prescriber: TheSocialMedwork, providing access to overseas medicines


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  7. PRESS RELEASE: Former Marktplaats CEO Olivier van Duijn joins the Supervisory board of TheSocialMedwork

    Gulf Press Release

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  8. 5 simple tips for a good start to 2019

    Realistic new year's resolutions for lasting results!

    holding calendar clipboard

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  9. Front-end developer (Magento)

    Seeking an creative and skilled Frontend Web Developer to join our international team.

    Frontend Web Developer

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  10. Backend/Full-Stack Developer (Magento)

    We are looking for an outstanding Web Developer to be responsible for the coding, innovative design and layout of our website. 

    web developers sitting at a desk

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