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A trip to the hospital is never all that much fun. Whether you are admitted in a rush or you've planned a stay in advance, there’s no getting around the fact that you’d probably rather not be there. There are some things, however, that may make your visit a little easier, more comfortable, and less alien. We asked our community of patients what they recommend packing in a hospital bag, and the response was overwhelming.

While the list of hospital must-haves were incredibly diverse, we noticed a few themes running through many of the suggestions. Practical products like toothbrushes, undies, and a handheld fan (genius!) will certainly make the stay easier. Your favorite source of entertainment, such as books and iPads, will make the time pass a little faster. And, of course, some home comforts, like pictures of loved ones, blankets, and cosy socks, should help with any homesickness.

So, before you pack your bag, run through our patient-approved list of hospital must-haves and make sure you’re up to speed on exactly what to pack. Let the healing commence!

Here's a the checklist in a handy graphic, save it to your phone now, pin it, or send it to someone who needs it.

hospital checklist

  1. A book.
  2. A toothbrush.
  3. Baby wipes.
  4. Undies.
  5. Mints.
  6. Photos of your family and friends.
  7. Soft tissues.
  8. Earplugs.
  9. A soft blanket.
  10. A fully-loaded iPad or tablet.
  11. Headphones.
  12. A notepad and pen.
  13. A handheld fan.
  14. Something to make you smell nice.
  15. Phone charger.
  16. A list of your questions.
  17. House shoes.
  18. A comb.
  19. A Teddy bear.
  20. Lots of socks.

An enormous thank you to our community members for contributing to this list. Thank you our_battlemolly_shamiajust_me_1of3_divinemind_breastcancersupportservicesSagemcragecancerfreefaithallowedcrossingboundariesincsussi.louiseonefitsurvivordropdeadlettersjusttlyshellruthparker1tp2candlescancerr.s.s.1986Pinkgilly2maggie_vg65billie_jean71, J.D. O’Connor,  S. Dowdy, S. Bitting, N. Donaldson, S.J. Hoylman, and K. Beresh.

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DISCLAIMER: Nothing can replace the care of your clinician or doctor. Please do not make changes to your treatment or schedules without first consulting your healthcare providers. This article is not intended to diagnose or treat illness.