Want to sell your product via our platform TheSocialMedwork?

Do you have a product that will help patients globally? Would you like to make it available to them and their treating doctors as quickly as possible? TheSocialMedwork can help you with this! We’re always interested in extending our product portfolio with proven quality products that can help patients.

What are the advantages of selling via TheSocialMedwork?

  • Large global audience
  • An ideal target audience of engaged and proactive patients and physicians
  • Opportunity to list your product within a wide portfolio range of the most innovative products
  • Early revenue
  • Mitigate marketing and sales costs
  • No sign-up fees or registration Costs
  • Expert in-house knowledge regarding international regulatory and legal frameworks
  • Professional logistical solutions
  • Premium support team, available 24/7

How does it work?

Inform us

Send us information about your product. The more details you can provide us with the quicker we’ll be able to look into listing it.

We tell the world

TheSocialMedwork will inform the world about your new therapeutic and allow people in urgent need to purchase your product through us.

Direct sales!

As the product owner you’ll be able get direct sales through our website. That means that every product you ship will be directly impacting your sales figures, as well as helping a patient in urgent need.

Sell your product through TheSocialMedwork

Email us at or fill in the form on our contact page.

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