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Thyroid Cancer

Available treatments for Thyroid Cancer
You can order a treatment for Thyroid Cancer via TheSocialMedwork if it has not been approved and/or is not available in the patient's country. TheSocialMedwork - helping patients and doctors access the latest approved medicines and at the lowest price possible worldwide.
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About thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer is a type of cancer that forms in the thyroid gland – an organ at the base of the throat producing hormones that help control one's heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and weight. Depending on the appearance of the cancer cells, thyroid cancer can be 1 of 4 types: papillary, follicular, medullary, and anaplastic [1].

Around 298,000 new cases of thyroid cancer are diagnosed every year, making up for 2.1 % of all cancer diagnoses [2]. Thyroid cancer affects more women than men, and the average age at diagnosis is 45–50 years [3]. The treatment depends on the type of thyroid cell that the cancer originates from. The most common types are differentiated carcinomas which include papillary and follicular types and account for over 90 % of cases. Their cell structures most closely resemble that of normal thyroid tissue, so they are usually less aggressive.  Medullary carcinomas account for less than 5 % of all thyroid carcinomas. This type of thyroid cancer is often genetic and originates from cells that produce the hormone calcitonin, which is especially important for bone health. Undifferentiated or anaplastic carcinomas are one of the rarer forms of thyroid cancer, accounting for around 1 % of cases. This is the most aggressive form of thyroid cancer and neighbouring organs are often already affected by the time of diagnosis [3].

The above products may be suitable for treating patients with thyroid cancer. We recommend that you discuss the suitability of possible treatment options with your doctor. For further information please contact our support team at support@thesocialmedwork.com.

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