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We at TheSocialMedwork are convinced that the protection of the privacy of users of our online health community market website is critical to our activities and the trust of our users. Personal information of our users of the online health community market website are treated with the greatest care and secured accordingly. TheSocialMedwork adheres to the Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation relating to the protection of personal information.

Processing of personal information

We at TheSocialMedwork capture information in the framework of our services. This happens as soon as a user visits our website and subsequently when a user continues using the services on our online health community market. In addition, when you as a user use our (interactive) services, when you make your interest known, or when you have other contact with TheSocialMedwork. This pertains to information that is necessary for contact or the service and for creating a user account. You never need to provide more information than is necessary for the purpose of the data processing. You are free to share more information on the website with other users in regards to your knowledge and experiences.

TheSocialMedwork uses the information exclusively for the purposes of the online health community market website and the services provided by TheSocialMedwork, or for the execution of an agreement with the user, to the extent that the relevant information is required for this. Your information will not be made available to third parties without your prior consent. If you consent to share information with designated third parties, you can also withdraw this permission at any time.

TheSocialMedwork stores information only as long as necessary to realize the objectives of the data processing, i.e. responding to the user's enquiry and processing an order. The information is then subsequently destroyed.

TheSocialMedwork secures the online health community market website and the information it processed in an appropriate manner, as prescribed by international law.

Shielded Information

A subsection of the service is that the user will be able to exchange information within the health management tools of TheSocialMedwork about illness or treatment with treating doctor, other healthcare providers and others designated by user within a secure environment (e-file). What is applicable here is that TheSocialMedwork has taken additional safeguards and measures for this information to ensure the security of the information. TheSocialMedwork also allows the user to manage the access to this information with these measures and, if so desired, to shield access by anyone other than his/her own healthcare provider(s). The measures also enable the user to remove the information completely.

Not Reductible Use/Statistics

All aggregated and non-reducible information relating to e-files (information about treatments, clinical picture and medication) on the portal will be processed with the consent of the user for the information of other users and website visitors. It will therefore not be possible to reduce the information to a user or otherwise to a person.

User’s email address

If user has provided TheSocialMedwork with e-mail address or entered it onto the TheSocialMedwork online health community market website, for example if user has subscribed for a newsletter or requested information, it can be used by TheSocialMedwork to send user relevant or interesting information about TheSocialMedwork and its developments. If user does not wish to receive such information, user can specify this at any time by sending TheSocialMedwork an email about this or click on the provided button in the email user may receive from TheSocialMedwork. TheSocialMedwork does not give user's e-mail address to any third party, unless at user's request.

Access and Correction of user information

TheSocialMedwork is responsible for the information that it captured, which is processed via the online health community market website and the health management tools, within the context of the Data Protection Act. User can take note of the data that are processed via user's account via a request to TheSocialMedwork. User has the right to correct and have the information removed. User can direct requests for access or correction of user's information to TheSocialMedwork. User will also be assisted here if user has additional questions about how TheSocialMedwork handles user's information.

Notification of personal information

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the processing of personal data is registered with the Global Supervisor, the International Personal Data Protection Authority in The Hague.

Click Behaviour and IP Address

General information is stored on TheSocialMedwork's online community market website, without the visitors being identified. The purpose of this is to optimize the user experience of the online health community market website. This information can also be used to put more specific information on the online health community market website in order to optimize its services to users in this way. TheSocialMedwork therefore also makes use of the IP address of user's computer. It can be used to see which usage of the website is used and for the preparation of analyses and reports. The IP addresses are not linked to identifiable information.

Website Links

There are links to other websites on TheSocialMedwork's online community market. TheSocialMedwork will take no responsibility regarding the manner that these parties make use of your information. Please read the privacy policies of the sites that you visit.


TheSocialMedwork reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Therefore, regularly check this privacy statement for TheSocialMedwork's privacy policy. Existing users will be informed about relevant changes in the privacy statement.


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