Are you a Social Impact Investor?

Hardly a day goes by without news of profound transformations in some part of the economy. Industries that thought themselves immune from the convulsions brought about by technological opportunity. They are, one by one, being challenged and face major reorganisations: from shopping to banking; from the 'taxi' that meets you at the airport to the 'room' you spend the night in. These phenomena should not be seen as isolated examples of 'disruption'. They are part of a cyclical process of change that is affecting the very foundations of the way 'value' to society is created.

The healthcare industry is one of the last major old economy bastions that has remained largely unscathed so far. That this sector will need to change is obvious to many. It is also believed by many that it is inevitable.

Our mission is to provide equal and quick access to the latest medicines for anyone. Using the internet and social networks we empower and support patients, physicians and pharmacists worldwide to find out about the latest approved options out there overseas to enable them to make their best choice. Every patient is unique, requires an individual therapy and deserves fast access to the best therapeutics. Which lacks at this moment because of lacking a Globally harmonised approval system for medicines. Causing many people to die or suffer needlessly, waiting for months or even years for newest health solutions to come to their countries.

The internet has now finally triggered patient and doctor empowerment. TheSocialMedwork, being patients, doctors and e-health innovators from around the globe, embodies a new reality by creating a platform for latest approved personalised therapeutics for patients suffering from serious diseases. We source the latest therapeutics available anywhere in the world at best possible prices, we communicate about them and we get them to patients in urgent need, their physicians and pharmacies as fast as possible in order to help overcome bureaucratic hurdles, save lives and improve health economics.

TheSocialMedwork is a social enterprise, supported by influential investors, being entrepreneurs from Europe and the USA. Amongst them Esther Dyson, angel-investor and/or board member in many internet companies like Google and 23AndMe and named by Forbes and Times to be one of the most influential women of the Sillicon Valley. Further support is given by successful entrepreneurs of which in example one is a successful international real time commodity trade entrepreneur and three are co-founding partners of The Change Club which fully focuses at social impact investments around the globe.

TheSocialMedwork aims to meet highest standards of ethics, transparency and measurable societal impact. For that reason we applied for a Certified B-corp Corporation status for social impact-companies globally.

TheSocialMedwork is continuously seeking (co-)funding partners. As an impact-investor you are looking for opportunities to invest in new innovative services or technologies and new markets within a new reality and society. By investing in TheSocialMedwork you will be amongst the first-movers in a new disruptive digital shared health economy. Explore our website to discover what a sustainable impact-investment in TheSocialMedwork may mean to society and to you, or contact our CEO Sjaak Vink for facts and figures.

Registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health as an independent intermediary, Registration number 6730 BEM
Registered as a USA Delaware LLC.

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