The Parcel of Success

Why every little package is a big deal.

Are you looking for a
specific medicine?

Here at TheSocialMedwork, providing access to medicines is just step one: the most important step is making sure they arrive with our patients safely, in any country in the world, in great condition…and in this case, perfectly on time.

"Shipping medicines can be complex – especially as they often need to be cold chain (where the temperature never exceeds 2–8 degrees Celsius) for the entire journey. In this instance, we had a urgent request from a patient in India. He needed a medication to be sourced, paid for and delivered from Germany in only 8 days [instead of the usual 1-2 weeks], in perfect cold chain, through customs smoothly, delivered to a pharmacy, and all in time for his hospital treatments which were scheduled to start on Monday morning in Bangalore...  During the annual Indian Diwali festival, of all weeks!" says our expert logistics manager, Lieschen.

Ever-willing to go the extra mile for our patients, the team pulled together, and with the generous understanding of our partner couriers and custom officials, the life changing medication reached the patient on Sunday evening! Hurrah! It’s these kinds of successes that actually make the biggest impact to us.

Happy with her logistical feat, here's our shipping manager Lieschen giving a happy thumbs up and hoping our patient's hospital treatment makes big improvements in his quality of life!    

To date, we've shipped medicines to people in 50 countries and counting. Our patient-first approach means that we can cater to both small, individual requests or larger batch orders. Our promise is that they will arrive to you in perfect condition, no matter what the challenges.



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