About TheSocialMedwork

Our Aim

TheSocialMedwork is a social enterprise aiming to help seriously ill patients access the very latest medicines that are not yet available in their own country, but have been approved and are available somewhere else in the world.

A registered, independent digital health intermediary, we use existing legal processes and speed up the system, sourcing each medicine for every individual patient and arranging for it to be legally imported and delivered to them in their home country.

We're also a knowledge platform, providing patients and doctors with transparent and factual information about the latest approved medicines worldwide as soon as they become available.


Our Why

TheSocialMedwork was started after our three founders lost family members and friends to Cancer and ALS, and felt that they could have been treated more successfully, had they been able to access newly developed medicines in time. These medicines had already been approved in another country, and were already being used to treat patients overseas.

We believe that the latest approved medicines should be available to each and every patient and physician as quickly as possible - regardless of where they happen to live. Due to lack of a globally harmonised approval system for medicines, it can take years for a medicine that has been approved in say the US, to become approved and available in for instance Europe or Australia.

Although patients and their doctors are legally able to access medicines from overseas, it can be difficult for doctors, not to mention patients, to stay up to date about each and every latest approved medicine out there, yet alone get their hands on it.

TheSocialMedwork is here to change this!

Read about our founders and team.

Registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health as an independent intermediary, Registration number 6730 BEM
Registered as a USA Delaware LLC.

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